Personal Statement Of Teaching Philosophy Essay

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Statement of Teaching Philosophy
1. Conceptualization of Learning My teaching philosophy has come from my own personal experience with education. Many, many years of learning, teaching and understanding the importance of education. Therefore my mission as an educators is as follows. I am here to promote learning in a positive form. I am here to encourage students to be motivated to learn. As well, I am here to provide a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Motivating learning through problem solving and critical thinking exercises to improve student’s level of awareness and understanding. This philosophy of teaching statement reflects my core belief that learning and teaching is best accomplished through positive collaboration and relationships combined with the appropriate technology tools for the circumstances will provide a prime learning environment. My philosophy of learning, as well as teaching will constantly change. I am sure it will change over the course of gaining my education, as well when I do start working in the educational field. There is so much to learn, as well as unlearn. Once these things have changed I will update this section accordingly. Teaching and learning are two sides on the same coin. Even as we teach, we are also learning. It is a constant process, and if we are lucky, the learning process never ceases. We often hear the word learning in educational circles, but so often we never really think about what the word…

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