Essay Personal Statement : My Teacher Goals

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I was inspired by my nephew to be a teacher when i grew up. My nephew Eakin told me that i 'm really good with little kids. I think it would be really cool to teach at the elementary school. If you are looking for a job that puts you around little kids until three everyday Then this is the job for you sweetheart looking forward to seeing you soon! Your education needed to become a teacher. Pass high school with a diploma, Attend college for Four whole years, the cost to attend will be around $30,000. My teacher goals, I’m hoping to teach kindergarten; i will be expected to give the children lots of care and support and to teach them all I can, and giving them a good environment, and a good future to look up to; will i plan to advance on grades, (umm no) lol jk, I don’t really know I would really love to stay with kindergarteners, but it might be something i’ll look into. I see a great future in teaching i mean it will be fun, cool, and it will give me some time to be with kids and give me something to do with my day i will be able to provide for…

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