Preservice Teacher Education

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The University of the Ozarks Teacher Education Program: A Road to Success As a preservice teacher, I believe that it is imperative to receive a proper education in order to ensure that my future students will receive an astounding, well-rounded education that will carry them toward success. The University of the Ozarks Teacher Education program offers a wonderful opportunity to provide preservice teachers with the proper training needed in order to help future students reach success. I have carefully evaluated the Conceptual Framework, the two underlying beliefs, and the mission statement, and agree that if preservice teachers are taught through this model, then we will become successful professional teachers that are capable of providing …show more content…
The first step, academic achievement, declares that teachers in the Teacher Education program will learn to strive toward helping students achieve academic excellence. I believe that we will learn to put our time and effort into seeing students become academically successful and pulling together all resources necessary to do so. The second and third steps of personal and social responsibility exist to remind preservice teachers that we are not only working to assist students in being the best they can academically, but also working to help students realize that they have choices. Students have choices, and they can always choose for themselves the course of action they take in life. For personal responsibility, students may choose to complete or not complete their homework. For social responsibility, students may choose to vote in elections or not to vote. As teachers, it is our job to encourage good choices that will help students achieve personal success and make positive contributions and changes to our society. The last step in the Conceptual Framework, fairness, ensures that students will all be treated in a fair manor. One student may not succeed over another due to their likeability; all students will succeed and receive an equal education. Although the Conceptual Framework may pertain to the disciplines …show more content…
Through this program and the foundation built by the framework, I will be able to effectively teach all students despite their differences, provide a solid education for the leaders of tomorrow, and help students grow into individuals that will show responsibility in all areas of their lives. Through this module, I understand that I am a key part in not only offering the highest education possible but also raising individuals that will be positive social additions to the world. I am confident that every future student to walk through my classroom door will receive a fair and equal education and leave academically, personally, and socially

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