Essay on Personal Statement : My Sophomore Year

1817 Words Oct 10th, 2015 null Page
My sophomore year began uneventfully. I was 15 years old, loved basketball, and was living a normal life. My worries consisted of keeping my grades up, wondering if I would play on varsity, and getting my chores done. I had no idea a storm was coming that was going to change my life. I was about to face obstacles and challenges that made me question my faith, my family, and the meaning of life. My love for basketball and my devotion to prayer were skills that I honed to overcome separation and an attempted suicide. In late October I attended a football game with my family. We were all having a good time, but something felt off. My mom told us that we needed to leave and I could tell she was fighting back tears. Immediately I wanted to comfort her because I hate seeing people I love hurt. I can’t remember if we won, but I do remember that my mom was crying when we got home. That night she told us that our dad was moving out. My heart dropped. It felt unreal because of how great everything had been going. All good things must come to an end, right? My mom was a wreck and I didn 't know what to do. I have a younger brother and sister but all of a sudden I felt so alone. I had to step up and become more than a brother. At times I allowed myself to fall into a depression. One night I laid in bed and closed my eyes. I was fighting back tears, as usual, as I replayed my mom telling me my dad was moving out. I just wanted to escape. I then rolled over trying to go to sleep. I saw…

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