Essay on Personal Statement : My Life

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My full name is Brandon Daniel Arioso. I was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming on March Fifth, 1997 making me seven-teen years old. I was raised in Cheyenne by my mom, Linda and my dad, Benjamin. Currently I am still living in Cheyenne but I am longing to explore the states, specifically Alaska or Northern Colorado. Even though I am a local to Cheyenne I still do not have a vast pool of people I would even call my acquaintances. However, my best friend is, Chris Smith. Chris and I talk on Skype occasionally but primarily play a computer based game called: League of legends. This game is made by Riot Games and is considered a Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). In addition, my other best friend would be my mother. When we hang out our day usually consists of shopping, cooking, eating, movies and or television. My dad and I do not really communicate a lot after he closed his business: Arioso Construction Inc. In December of 2014. Moreover, I spend a lot of time with Brooke Taylor, to me she is my best-friend, lover, girl-friend and the mother of my son, Adrian Ray Taylor whom is now two years old as of November, 2014. Brooke and I have grown up with each-other since we were both about eleven years old. We have seen each-other with other people and put each-other through a lot of negative but thankfully more positive events. Lately things have been calm and positive between Brooke and I, We are both working our hardest to give Adrian the life he deserves. Brooke is currently a…

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