Personal Statement : My Career Goals Essay examples

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In my paper I am going to talk about my career goals, I will be mentioning my personal goals, for example, I will discuss my major which is Education, and explain why I choose teaching, and I am going to explain why I always want to teach and the real reason behind it, I will also discuss my strengths and weakness and how I plan to improving my skills. This is personal to me as long as I can remember I always want to teach. And now I will be sharing a lot in this paper. I am going to start by mentioning a few of my career goals which are to educate the young minds, learn, so they can be knowledgeable in their study, inspire them for the better and to be a role model, and change I want to be that teacher who is always there for the students no matter what I want to make a difference. My major is education ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to teach. Growing up I would play school with my cousins and friends and I would always be the teacher and I liked every minute of it, it was a lot of fun. I remember when I was in the 2nd grade my teacher was influential. I can still remember my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Collins she was the best teacher a child could ever ask for, she was always there for me. I have always struggle with math and remember she wouldn’t stop at anything until I understand the solutions and she never leave anyone behind. She always makes sure that every student understands whatever we are going over that day, and if she has to she would stay late…

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