Personal Statement : I Went Home Essay

742 Words Nov 8th, 2016 3 Pages
After our discussion last week I went home, reflected on how I was handling this internship and decided to make a change. I want to make a difference not only by helping create a more positive life for someone but I want to help emotionally. I will not always be with Beatrice so I want her to have a good standing with herself. My goal is to help her see her value and strength so in the future she knows she can handle any obstacle that comes her way. I created two slideshows; one contained question-answer slides about herself and the other contained a break down of a personal statement. Unfortunately, I did not get to meet with Beatrice this week because she did not do the task Kelly Ann asked her to complete when she first arrived at SFBFS. Kelly Ann was frustrated with Beatrice and her cousin because she put on an event directly for them but they did not show up. Beatrice said that she could not be everything for everybody, so Kelly Ann asked her to write the list of things that she feels is pulling her in different directions in order to meet with me. She did not complete this until about 4:20pm and I am done at 4:30pm. Hopefully next week I will get the opportunity to meet with her but Kelly Ann decided that Beatrice needs to show that she wants to meet with me rather than waste my time when she has me with her. On Thursday Ms. Krystal was out for vacation, one of the mentors was not there, two had to leave early and we had 14 children. It was a difficult day because…

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