Essay on Personal Statement : Disney 's Parks

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“Someone broke the car window and stole everything!” a girl from my church group stated with a terrified face. It was a beautiful and sunny afternoon in Orlando, Florida. I was there expending my vacation with my church group. After we went to a few of Disney’s parks we, went to eat in Golden Coral buffet when the beautiful day come to be a day with a bad experience.
I was fourteen years old when I wanted to go to Disney, but for doing that I had to put in my effort, and I had to work in summer for one month. While all my friends enjoyed and play around, I was working so hard to earn money to pay for my trip to Orlando, Florida. I felt sad when I saw my friends playing around and enjoying, but I knew that I would enjoy even more when I arrive at Disney. When the month finished, I did not earn enough money as I expected, so I felt unmotivated and I lost my hope to go to Disney. To complete my money for the trip, I decided to sell chocolate. I did not like the idea of selling chocolate so much, but it was a good idea to earn money. The week before the trip, I got up early and went to the supermarket with my mom to buy a couple of different kinds of chocolate. My mother and I started to sell chocolate in our neighborhood and, almost all the chocolate was sold after a few hours. I felt really joyful because, although my mom helped me, I had put my own effort. When I went to my house I ran to my father and with an emotion in my heart I told him, “I sold almost all the…

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