Personal Responsibility For A Successful Student Essay

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The journey to being a successful student begins with taking personal responsibility. Successful students who graduate college often give accolades to parents, teachers and peers who made significant contributions to their academic success. These contributions; financial, emotional and educational, help students through pit stops along their road to success. This voyage begins with establishing educational goals, accepting personal responsibilities, and developing a plan to reach their goals. A goal lacking a plan to achieve your educational goal is a wish. Students embarking on a journey without charting a defined course can be unsuccessful in navigating educational success.
Define what personal responsibility means to you.
Personal responsibility is assuming liability for the outcome of your actions. I describe personal responsibility as an individual taking accountability for their actions and accept the outcome. It is the act of being held liable for your actions, and accepting the consequences for those actions. “Responsibility is important to all learning and developing” (Turning Teaching into Learning: The Role of Student Responsibility in the Collegiate Experience). Students accept the challenge of higher education, but frequently fail to plan or make changes to schedules, study habits, and effective communication techniques. Dave Ellis (2012), author of Becoming a Master Student says, “success means setting and achieving goals” and “a goal is any outcome or…

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