Good Time Management Skills

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The Value of Good Time Management Skills
Some aspects of life cannot be classified with a numerical rate, such as the value of good time management skills. Although this is true, most would agree that being able to manage time is a dynamic skill and extremely important. As stated by Ronald G. Leach (1980), “There is no such thing as lack of time. In a real sense we all have time for those things we want to make time for. The key question is, what do we want to do with our time?” More often than not, students struggle with managing time efficiently. They wait to the last minute to do school work and that leads to poor writing. By rushing to meet deadlines, it takes away from vital time spent constructing quality work and proofreading.
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Managing time is even more of a hassle for a working adult who is also a full time student. The average worker clocks 40 hours a week on the job leaving 128 hours available for sleep and extra-curricular activities, such as college education. If you take into account the recommended eight hours of daily sleep, 72 hours a week are left unclassified and accounted for. By utilizing the time management worksheet provided in the course material I have found that unlike normal workers, I work an average of 68 hours a week. This means that if I got the normal eight hours of recommended of sleep, I have four hours of free time that I can use for things such as school work. Unfortunately four hours is not enough free time to be able to manage being a father, husband, student, and find time to be social. A plus and minus for me is cutting back on the amount of time I sleep from eight to about five to six hours on average daily. By doing so I could gain an additional 14 hours per week. This is where good time management skills come into to play to be able to help distribute hours …show more content…
According to Chambers (2015), the average American spends a great number of hours a week watching television and/or on social media sites. The pressures of social media serve as a common distraction these days among society. Occasionally I find my sleeping being deprived, due to costly hours devoted to social media. I find it amazing how much more I accomplish throughout the day when I pay less attention to social media. Although it is sometimes a struggle, when I need to focus, social media is without a doubt the first distraction that is eliminated. This is because outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the least important aspect of my life and serve only as personal

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