Personal Reflections on the Self Essay examples

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Personal Reflection on The Self Paper
Marjorie Neal
University of Phoenix

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Self-esteem is the extent to which one either likes or dislikes him and how worthy he thinks he is. Self-esteem is an evaluation tool (“What is Self-Concept?”, 2010). The ideal-self is the kind of person that and individual would like to be; the larger the gap between self-image and the ideal-self the lower the self-esteem (“What is Self-Concept?”, 2010). . Self-efficacy refers to one’s expectations of success in a situation. Self-efficacy is important in determining if an individual will attempt to make changes in his environment (“What is Self-Concept?”, 2010). Self-concept is unique to each person. Self-concept is developed slowly over time as a result of our interactions with our environments and our reflections on those interactions (“What is Self-Concept?”, 2010). In my life, my self-concept started off very low and I have slowly been able to bring it to where it is today. When I was growing up, I always felt like I was not good enough. My sister had all the friends that my parents approved of, she got the good grades, she was not in special education classes and at home report cards and progress reports were constantly compared. I never heard that I was doing a great job or that I had improved on this subject or that it was always how wonderful my sisters grades were compared to my C’s that I worked very hard for in the early years. By the third grade I was

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