FCS Seminar Reflection

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FCS Seminar has opened my eyes in a sense that Family and Consumer Science is not just about cooking and clothing. In FCS Seminar, I learned many things that I did not expect to learn. I had many useful take ways from the class. Through seminar, I learned about jobs that uses Family and Consumer Science degrees that I had no idea about. In this paper, I will reflect on things learned in seminar such as jobs and other valuable information. I will also offer my suggestions on how to make it better in terms of structure along with overall suggestions. At the end of the paper, I will discuss what my plans are as a FCS major.
When someone thinks of Family and Consumer Science, they think of home economics. People tend to think it as a class to
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I understand that it is hard to get all the information to the students in one hour only once a week. For me, I like that the first few class sessions were “get to know you” sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed all the various speakers that came to talk to the class. Because of the speakers, I saw different occupations that individuals could do with a FCS degree. The dietician speaker is the one I enjoyed the most because that is what my current degree plan is. By listening to her, I learned a lot about the career path ahead of me. I also learned about how to apply, and what I can expect when I apply for an internship. One way to improve the class is the addition of group work. Even though FCS is not a large degree program in terms of students, group work would give the opportunity for students to mingle with one another, and possibly make new friends. Another suggestion is the possibly of taking a career evaluation test of FCS. This would be useful to see where students fit best in terms of careers in the cluster of FCS. I am a FCS major with a specialization in dietetics. The main reason why I chose dietetics is because I compete in body building. Learning about nutrition has greatly benefited for me already. As a FCS major, I plan on continue using all skills that I have acquired in the future. I will use the skills I learned in my career, future family, and my hobbies just as bodybuilding. An example is nutrition has helped

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