Personal Reflection Essay : ' Angel Gonzalez '

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Angel Gonzalez – D
My Reflection Essay Essay writing has never been a strength of mine, but during this semester I learned to become a better writer. With practice and proper instruction, the process of writing has become easier since I first began writing. During this semester I have discovered my strengths and weakness with the writing process, allowing me to organize and write concisely to the targeted audience. There are many influences that helped me achieve my goal of becoming a better writer and I believe that I am a better writer because of my attitude toward writing has changed, understanding my thought process, and the experienced that I gained throughout the semester. Before I began this semester, I was not interested in writing. I knew that academic writing was a required course for college and graduation. In the beginning of the course, I noticed that my writing was very basic. I was eager to learn more about writing and the process of writing as time went by. The reading material helped me understand some the basics in academic writing, as did the early writing assignments. The "Composing Process Essay" in particular, helped me realize what strategies work for me to start the writing process. Although I struggled with the essay, it proved to be a valuable learning experience for me, and it set the tone for future writing assignments. Understanding my writing process took time, but I have a better understanding now. Since the composing…

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