Personal Philosophy Of Teaching And Learning Essay

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Personal Philosophy of teaching and learning Introduction Personal philosophy on education:
My personal philosophy about teaching and learning is that education is an individual and a unique experience for every student who enters the classroom. Teachers should understand the importance of mentoring and coaching students to attain their highest potential. Moreover, educators should consider teaching to be a lifestyle and not just a paycheck. Teachers should facilitate learning academically, personally and ethically. Educators should equip students with the correct tools necessary for success and, should have structured information about the subject being taught. On the other hand, students should have intrinsic motivation to learn and follow directions. Information should be presented in a structured and engaging manner. Teaching and learning are reciprocal processes by helping students engage in reading sessions and group work. For example, teachers that nurture student 's talent, build personal self-esteem, and self-confidence.
Theory that resonates with me:
A theory that resonates in my mind and aligns with my personal philosophy of teaching and learning is the andragogy model discovered by Malcolm Knowles of self -directed learning. According to Darden (2014), adults learn differently from children. For example, adults are independent in their learning and require minimum instructions. On the other hand, children need precise instructions and guidance in their…

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