Personal Paper On Perception Checking

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Personal Paper
I. Group Level of analysis
A. Theories & concepts
1. Perception Checking:
Perception checking means that you use a statement that checks your perception of someone else to make sure their nonverbal cues are accurate. Perception checking is a good tool to help you understand others accurately instead of jumping to conclusions or assuming if your first interpretation is the correct one. Using this strategy can be a way of reducing defensiveness in the other person since you are not attacking them, you are merely asking for clarification.
In addition this concept can preserve the face of both parties and prevent a fight or future misunderstandings. When doing, a perception check you should observe the nonverbal behavior, describe the nonverbal behavior, infer about the nonverbal behavior then ask. Doing so can prevent misinterpretations and negative thoughts or ideas about a person. When I learned about this process I thought it was interesting, I immediately put it to use at home. My mom had a huge attitude after I got off work and she did things to make me feel like she was angry towards me, I followed the steps of perception checking in order to have a positive outcome within the conversation. When I approached her I asked “When you slammed the door” (behavior), “I wasn’t sure if you were mad at me” (first interpretation) “or just in a hurry” (second interpretation) “what’s up?” (request for clarification) using this concept helped me to observe and…

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