What Does Scholarship Mean To Me

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What leadership, character, service and scholarship mean to me is someone who is willing to guide people the right way and has the right personality that will influence them to follow. Someone has the desire to learn and the willingness to listen to others opinion but still has knowledge. A person that does not mind doing a favor for someone big or small and will have the right mindset to succeed in finishing the job. All these characteristics describe someone who is overall helpful and caring. They are selfless and ready to help other people when needed putting their wants aside. In Norristown’s National Honor Society I hope to be all these things in more. I have participated in a lot of things that mostly do not involve my own benefit. I do it because I enjoy helping others and making people happy. I am not giving a helping hand without anything in return. …show more content…
It is like two gifts in one. Leadership is not a problem for me either. Once I am assigned to something I automatically get to action trying to find a way to be productive and get the work done. When I guide people I do not just sit down and bark orders. Instead I help also, so if someone has a question I answer, making sure I am guiding all the way. When I lead something I make sure I know what I am getting myself into, to assure I know what I am doing so that I can help others. A leader is no help if they do not know what they are doing because then they cannot help the team, and therefore cannot lead them to finish. Someone needs to be supportive all the way to and have a personality that inspires, not a personality that aggravates everyone. The goal is for a person not to think they are better than everyone else and show them that. Instead, everyone is equal, a friend not a

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