Narrative Essay On What Car Are We Taking

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“What car are we taking?” My mom questioned as she rushed to get the keys. It was my cousin 's Bat Mitzvah of course we were already a few minutes behind. My brother, Grant, never could tie his tie correctly and my Dad always seemed to forget how to do it himself, and well I seemed to always be the last one ready. I guess it was some pretty exciting stuff at the time. It was the first one in the family, since my parents and aunts and uncles had got mitzvahed. “Ummm… Im not sure I think we should take the honda” “No no no, let 's take the truck, I don 't want to have to drive the honda on the way home.” I could just picture my dad muttering under his breath “why did you even ask what car we are taking if you were going to decide anyway.” …show more content…
The kind of cry you try your hardest to hold it in, but it just bursts out of your throat loud and painful. My dad was already out of the car pacing along with my brother. They were crazy it was freezing outside, but they both were to pent up to stay inside. He called the police, to my surprise they took a while to get to us, ambulances came as well. I remained in the car when they arrived with my Mom. The blue and red lights reflected on my soaked face, I remember wondering how did we get so lucky. My Dad did receive a ticket for reckless driving. Stupid idiot fell asleep if he did not receive a ticket, it should have been worse! Life is a rollercoaster, it 's as simple as that. Ups and downs turns left and right. This car crash was a huge blind turn. Who knew after a lovely celebration, my life would be put on the line along with my families. Maybe the roller coaster turns to the worst. A really steep drop. Or maybe the rollercoaster takes a turn for the best. A really smooth transition. The crash just reminded me we are only human and it 's physically impossible to control our lives. They run on a crazy path and the best we can do as humanly possible is to expect the

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