Personal Narrative: The Girls Volleyball Team

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Every Arcadia sports team is working hard this season to perfect their skills, especially the Girls Volleyball team. The Girls Volleyball team have been practicing non-stop to continue their undefeated record from last year. Every single player has been individually working hard to improve their skills, while working together to win games.

Senior Ava Liu, who plays an outsider for the Girls Varsity Volleyball team, is hopeful about going to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) with the team this year. “Since it’s my last year, I’m looking forward to playing with everybody and to hopefully be getting to CIF and making it farther than we did last time!” She understands that even though practicing is important, another important factor
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She is confident about the group’s skills for the upcoming season. “I’m looking forward to winning league and for going far in CIF!” Hannah has also set goals so that she has the drive to reach the top. “What keeps me going is just my love for volleyball, how fun it is, and also my goals. My goals are to be in the best shape as possible and to contribute to my team as much as possible.”

As a middle blocker for the team, senior Amanda Pickering has the spirit and drive to ensure the team's success. “For this season, I’m looking forward to being a consistent team, making it far in CIF and winning it all! Going all the way!” Amanda is very determined and focused about what her ambition. “My ambition is to score points, I want to be in the best shape i can possibly be in and to help my team.”

When asked about team chemistry, everybody on the Girls Varsity Volleyball team says, “We are like a family.” “It’s great! We have great team chemistry! It’s like one big family,” commented Amanda. “It’s great, we talk to each other like a family. We laugh and we listen to each other, it’s really well,” added Hannah. “Our chemistry is great, every single one of us are really cool towards each other. Everybody is nice to each other, and nobody is ever mean to each other or discouraging. We all encourage each other, and we support each other no matter what. It’s like we are one whole

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