Essay on Personal Narrative On Physical Fitness

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Composition I
Personal Narrative
A Life-Changing Moment There comes a time when a single moment of brilliance alters one’s life in the most fundamental way. I had been grappling with the idea but kept on postponing the ultimate decision. I always had excuses for procrastinating, and they always seemed to be right. In my opinion, the classwork was intensive, which left me little time for recreation. Besides, I argued I did not have sufficient funds to enroll in any meaningful program. However, I finally decided to take my health with the seriousness it deserved and joined a health and fitness club. Arguably, the decision to take physical fitness as my hobby was a life-changing moment because the benefits have been tremendous. Mostly, I have become a better manager of my time because I can plan my day adequately. In the same way, I have noticed that I have lost weight and become agile. I came to appreciate that exercises can prevent an individual from gaining weight. When I joined the health and fitness club, I burned several calories during each session. I discovered I did not have to commit large chunks of time for exercise for the benefits to manifest. I now feel healthier and more alert in everything I do. Similarly, I have begun to pay more attention in class courtesy of the exercises. Whenever I am in class, I tend to pay attention to whatever the instructor has to say. As a result, my grades have improved significantly, and I am convinced I will maintain…

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