Essay On Turning Point Of Life

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The life course perspective incorporates birth through the life span to death of an individual. People journey through life on paths or trajectories and each occurrence in their life are turning points, such as attending education, marriage, birth of children, divorce and death. Depending on an individual’s turning point, they will transition into their new roles and continue down new trajectories throughout life. This paper will provide information that is important regarding historical information that could have influenced self-identity, culture and ideology of the Moore family. Furthermore, the discussion will provide information on how some of the family’s transitions, trajectories, and turning points affected them individually and as …show more content…
This has been a steady path for the couple. The couple struggled with infertility and that was a turning point for them when they adopted a son, Derrick, from his family. This placed their family on a new trajectory and each had to transition into parenthood. Marriage can be difficult at times, and the Moore couple experienced a turning point in their marriage when each had an affair. However, the couple did not divorce, instead remained on their current trajectory. Nevertheless, Ed and Jessica had to transition the two children that were conceived out of their marriage into their family unit. Although, it appears that Jessica remains bitter of her husband’s daughter Debbie; Jessica, like her husband, Ed had an affair during their marriage and had a son, Terrence with a co-worker. Jessica during arguments with her husband Ed, told Terrence, that his last name was different because Ed was not his father, thus creating the turning point for the family as a whole. Jessica dislikes her current position, but the pay and benefits are excellent, this is attributed to the dissatisfaction in her life. Given that Jessica is beginning the adjustment into menopause, she has been distant and short with everyone in the house. She has kept to herself, thus parenting

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