Importance Of Dapps Goals

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DAPPS goals can help people plan for the future. The acronym DAPPS stands for dated achievable, personal, positive, and specific. Having a goal that is all of these things gives one an obtainable goal that has a time frame that is within reach. My three DAPPS goals are to become a clinical psychologist, buy a house, and to improve my physical and mental health, also, my sub-goals to reduce stress are to continue to get good grades, keep up to date with my school work, decrease spending, increase savings, increase physical activity, and loose ten pounds.
My first goal is to become a clinical psychologist. I will complete this goal in eight years. In order to achieve this goal, I will have to complete my bachelor’s degree at SNHU within five
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I will be closing on the house ten years from today, and two years after I have completed my master’s degree. This gives me enough time to find a job in my field of study and to save up money for house expenses such as closing costs. In order to accomplish this goal with minimal stressors, I will need a sub-goal. My sub-goal is to decrease expenses and increase savings by applying a more adequate budgeting system. To decrease expenses, I will cut back spending on unnecessary items such as name brand cereal. I will increase savings by using a better budgeting system such as putting back at least forty dollars every week. Therefore, I will be able to increase our current savings by sixty dollars each month. If I do this for the next ten years, my savings has the potential to be over nineteen thousand dollars. This has the potential to decrease stress by eliminating the rush to get together money for a large down payment on a house; therefore, decreasing the size of the home loan I will need. To conclude, by accomplishing my sub-goal of decreasing spending and increasing savings I can save enough money to be able complete my goal of buying a …show more content…
My health is currently not up to par because of the toll of depression, hypoglycemia, and scoliosis on my mind and body. To improve my mental health, I will improve my physical health. I always feel better when I exercise and eat better. Decreasing caffeine and replacing sweets with fruit will level out my hypoglycemia and make me healthier. By forming healthy habits, I can potentially improve my physical health because eating healthier will provide my body with more energy to play with my son. I have been using Keaira LaShea’s dance work out videos to exercise. My sub-goal is to gradually increase my workouts with hopes of working out for at least an hour every day in the near future. Eating healthy and working out frequently will allow me to complete my second sub-goal of losing roughly ten pounds so I will get to a healthy weight according to BMI charts. Achieving these sub-goals will reduce my stress and increase my health because being overweight can increase stress levels and poor health conditions. This goal and sub-goals relate to the psychological concepts of affect and behavior, such as; stress, mood, happiness, and self-affirmation. Eating better and exercising more can decrease stress, improve mood, increase happiness, and help me be more self-affirmed. Improving my physical and mental health by losing weight, eating right, and being more active is important to me

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