Personal Narrative: My Trip In High School

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One day I was on the bus sitting next to my friend Trevor. I told him that I wouldn’t be riding the bus in the afternoon today. “Why?” Trevor asked. I said “Because I’m heading to Columbia to take my driver test to get my permit.” Trevor nodded his head and went back to listening to his music. The bus picked up the other high school kids and we went to school. Well, I went to second block after I got done with health class. I told another one of my friends about me leaving and the reason why. Then class went by pretty quickly. Next I went to third block which is English 1. We were told to write about something we did. The bell rang then we went to lunch then came back to class when it rang again. Next I went to Algebra 1, and …show more content…
and we went inside. They gave my mom the papers to fill out and I got a number. The number they gave me was A112.we went to the waiting room and waited for them to call my number. As we waited my mom filled out the paper and made me sign the spots I needed too. They called my number right as we were getting the paper work done and we went to the counter we were called to. I took the eye test and they took my picture and I went to take the test. When I got done we found out that I had missed one to many so I couldn’t get my permit. The lady said “you have to wait a week to take the test over. You can come back next Friday to take it again.” “Thank you” I said. My parents had, surprisingly, agreed to take me to see my friend that lives in chapel hill. My phone was giving us directions on how to get there. I had happened to look down at my phone and I noticed it was taking us to chapel hill in Kentucky. I fixed it and we finally made it to chapel hill. When we got there, I texted him to meet us at the Dollar General by the B.P. gas station. I was nervous. Well he showed up and we gave each other warm and embarrassing hugs. He gave me a present and we started to talk. He said “I’m glad you got to come down here to see me.” “Me to” I replied. He pointed to his car and said “that’s my car.” “It’s nice” I said. “It was free so I can’t complain about it much.” Well after about three hours later we left and headed home. That night I thought about everything that happened that day and that’s when I realized that you can fail and still be a

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