Narrative Essay About Going To School

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The next day, I woke up slowly, not wanting to go to school. But hey I’m a teenager, and what teen wants to go to school? Oh yeah, people that actually have friends. And guess what! I don’t have any friends. I went to school as normal and went straight into my first period, AP Calc. Our class is very small, due to many kids not being smart enough to take the class. I was the first one here, which is becoming very normal.
But soon after, a tall male walked into the classroom and started talking to the teacher, “My plane landed yesterday afternoon and the absence is excused. Is it okay to get the syllabus and work from yesterday.” The voice was so familiar. I knew that guy once, but I can’t put my finger on who it was.
My teacher, Mrs. Jack,
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The late bell rang, signalling the start of class and the end of me and Dylan’s conversation.
When class ended we went our separate ways. We rarely saw each other in the hallways, but when we did, we would smile at each other or make goofy faces. Dylan made me feel like I wasn’t a total reject and that I was normal and nothing bad could ever happen to me. But bad things always happen to me.
At the end of the day, I walked into journalism a little later than I did the day before. The hallway traffic at my school is terrible and very unpredictable. However, the first thing I see is a mob of tousled blonde hair that belonged to none other than Dylan. Who, by the way, was sitting in my seat. So I just sat in the seat Nicholas sat in the day before.
“That’s my seat.” I said, not really angrily, I just wanted to annoy him.
Without missing a beat, he replied, “Hi Isabelle. Mr. Turano said there were no assigned seats and I could sit wherever I wanted.”
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Remember he’s always looked depressed since middle school. When his grandmother died.”
“I know, poor boy.” She sighed at the memory. Everyone in the town was close to Dylan’s grandmother. She made the best food for holidays and was one of the familiar faces you would see at the store or in the library.
I finished my pizza and retreated to my room when I heard Tyler coming into the house. I made the excuse that I had a quiz tomorrow. Which my mom totally thought was true. Come on what teacher gives quizzes on the third day of school? I went up to my room to read my english book, The Great Gatsby, even though I’ve already read it around a million times.
A little while later my phone buzzed. I probably had another message from Claire, however I saw an unrecognizable number. Opening the text, I sighed in relief, it was Dylan.
The text said, “Hey Is! It’s just Dylan. I got a new number.”
I laughed at the old nickname, at the time he would say that my name was too long to text out. I texted back, “Hi.” Short and simple, just acknowledging his presence.
Quickly I got another text, “I’m having a start of school party on Friday. You should

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