Personal Narrative: My Drive To School

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Have you ever felt your life depended on one test? That 's exactly how I felt when I took my Drivers test. It was just a normal day, I woke up for school with a coolness in the morning air, but I felt a certain excitement in my heart. The excitement was followed by nervousness by the thought of sitting behind the wheel while someone judged me. I stopped focusing on that and started getting ready for school. Once I had eaten and was ready to get dropped off at school, I yelled out, “Dad it 's time for school.” I stepped outside while waiting for my dad, I walked over to the car the sun warmed my face and I knew by the end of the school day I would be a licensed driver. The drive to school was a matter of five minutes but my mind was racing, I had waited for this day my whole life. Since I was a …show more content…
I knew anything and everything about them. I had always pictured myself driving my favorite cars the only thing is it would be a while until I get the car of my dreams. I was most nervous about failing the test even though I would still have two more attempts at passing.
Once I had arrived at school, I exchanged my bye with my dad and walked into my school. I made it to my class and sat down in my chair for the first period. I heard the school bell ring and I knew the clock had started counting down until the test. As each period went by I was getting closer to my driving test. My nervousness only grew with each ring of the bell. During lunch, I told my friends “I have my driving test today, finally I’m getting my license.” “That’s cool, I wish I could get my license,” said Adrian. Six periods finally rolled

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