Personal Narrative: My High School Hockey Team

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One of my proudest accomplishments was making my high school hockey team. When I was younger I, tried sports like soccer and baseball, but ended up disliking them. My cousins all played their own sports, and played them well. My mother played softball at the University of Vermont and so did two of her sisters. I grew up with the notion that everyone in my family was destined to be a superstar in a sport. Everyone but me it seemed, but after spending my life watching my cousin play hockey I decided that I wanted to try it out. I remember my first day of a youth hockey clinic; I was always the quiet, shy kid who didn’t talk very much. As I opened the door to the locker room, everyone looked at me with surprise. I made my way out onto the ice and the coach of the clinic, Mr. St. Pierre, took me …show more content…
Unfortunately I didn’t make the team, but that defeat led me to persevere and try again the next year. The season went by faster than I would have liked and in no time it was my junior year and tryouts for hockey had begun again. This time I came with more confidence and ability, both of which helped me earn a spot on the team. A sport I had started less than five years ago; my name and the words varsity hockey were words I never thought I would see associated with each other. It was the first time in my life I saw my hard work come to fruition before my very eyes. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my coaches, my family, and all of the new friends I made along the way. The amount of time I put into practices, games, and off-ice training helped instill in me a competitive, persevering, hard-working character. The friends I’ve made and the social skills I’ve developed just from trying something new are some of the most valuable things in my life. I’ve learned that trying new things can change your life in a wide variety of ways and to appreciate new things instead of avoiding

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