Personal Narrative: My Goal As A Resident Assistant

1. I would strive to bring fun and excitement to the staff team to help everyone enjoy their experience as I have here at Fort Hays State University. By showing leadership and being there for whatever needs attention, I would be a great asset to all communities. Stepping up and showing that I care for the people in our community with making sure there is a positive atmosphere would be my goal as a Resident Assistant.
2. The characters that make a community successful are positivity, communication, interaction, and responsibility. All of these characteristics are what lead me to be a great tribute to our community. With my ability to talk to others and put their needs first, I believe I can be a RA that people can trust and feel comfortable around.
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As a staff member I would be sure to let my residents know that they are not the only ones who may be struggling with change. I remember that as an incoming student I had a rough time adjusting to everything and as I talked to older students I came to find that it gets better. I would also try my best to make sure that they know they could come to me with any questions, whether it is school related or not. Change is a big thing and I would want my residents to know that they are not alone, and be sure to show them the different places on campus that can help them with all of their questions along with their needs. It would also be very important to me to make sure that I try my hardest to show them that different cultures are okay and how a person can learn from other ways of life. As and RA I would be the best leader and listener that I could be, to make sure that not one but all of the residents become comfortable in their new homes at Fort Hays State

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