Personal Narrative : My Father Told Me I Was Born Essay

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I was born in Congo in a village called Mbogobogo. My father told me I was born after the independence from Belgium in 1962, so I tell people I was born in June of 1963. We don’t usually keep track of months and years in Congo, so this day might not be exact. In fact, today could be my birthday! Because we don’t use years in Congo, I started school when my right hand could reach over my head to touch the top of my left ear. I had six brothers and sisters, and I was the only one who had the opportunity to go to school. My primary school was eight miles away from my home, so I walked a total of 16 miles each day to get my education. After my primary school, I went to secondary school for two years, what we call middle school. I couldn’t stay at home because we didn’t have a middle school around us, so I had to leave home. I had to go far from home. I had to live with people who didn’t speak the same language as me. I had to live with people who didn’t know anything about me. Because my school didn’t have any place we could stay. Everyone needed to find a place to live for themselves. I was probably 16 years old. So I knocked on doors until I found a family that would let me stay. But it was so difficult. You needed to learn the culture of the tribe. You were far from home. You don’t have anyone you knew. You couldn’t speak the language. And you needed to go to school. So you always had 2,000 things in your head. You needed to go to school and learn. You needed to learn the…

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