Personal Narrative: My Experience At Vacation Bible School

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It was my first year being an independent teacher for Vacation Bible School at my church. I had taken this initiative seeing no one else was up for the challenge to teach six to seven year olds, even though the meeting for VBS had been filled with adults. I had an idea of how it was often helping my older sister in past years to help take the kids from class to class, but the pressure of being in full responsibility of them was something I had never experienced. It was frightening yet exciting.
The first day was an internal wreck with my emotions flying from happy to sad to mad to confused on what to do. Meeting the kids was the first thing, and recognizing familiar faces from kids that regularly attend church brought some peace over me. Teaching was my next challenge and, thankfully, it was not the first place on our schedule. After visiting arts and crafts, worship center, and Missions, it was finally time to take them to the classroom. The time went by fairly quickly as I taught about investigating Jesus, and eagerness to learn was written all over their faces.
The last section of the day was project and, to my luck, were bible verses. It would be
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The three to five year olds had already sang and danced to one of the Vacation Bible School songs and our turn was up. My six to seven year old class piled up onto the church’s stage as nervous as me for their performance. I stood on the bottom for guidance facing them and counting to three with my fingers. In the vast silence of the room all that could be heard was the voice of the children reciting the first verse by memory all together and with doing the hand movements in unison. The first group started their verse followed by the second group and their first and so on until they had done all their verses. The room filled with applause and relief filled me. I had been able to teach them and guide them to

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