Personal Narrative: Life's Been Good To Me

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I could smell the fire and hot chocolate before I opened my eyes. It was a wonderful smell, and then I caught a whiff of graham cracker.
Oh, yeah, baby, someone loves me!
My feet swung over the edge of my bed and I realized I was wearing jean shorts and a soft white cotton t-shirt.
That’s when my “something’s funky” radar went off. I slid off the bed, and felt sand beneath my feet. Salt hung in the air, and somehow I knew without a doubt I was on an island.
I could hear someone playing an acoustic guitar and singing. As I got closer, I realized the song was Life’s Been Good to Me. Three guys sat cross-legged around a large campfire.
The one to the left was bald and playing the guitar. The guy in the middle had soft brown hair just below his ears, and even where I stood I could see stars reflecting in his eyes. And, the third guy, well…he just looked weathered, as if he’d spent most of his days in the sun.
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“Come, sit, Mac." He held out a S’more. I smiled back.
“Thanks,” I said as I sat down. “Where am I?" I wish I could describe sitting next to this guy, but it would be like trying to describe a feeling of euphoria. The same feeling I’d had the first time I’d met Jesus.
“Well, we’re in Fiji. I love this Island." He bobbed his head looking around.
“No, you are not dead.” He laughed. “We’re going to hang out while your body rests.”
I felt a surge of something electrical and jumped. “Whoa, did you feel that?”
“Yep, that would be the doctor re-starting your heart." He popped open a Coke he’d pulled from the cooler behind him. “Here, you’re thirsty.”
I sat there staring at the Coke, puzzled. “Um, aren’t you supposed to use

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