Personal Narrative: High School Softball

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R "Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything"- George Bernard Shaw. Every person has changed throughout their lives, most of times more than one. The change that affected me the most was high school softball. Softball has been around myself during. my life, but it took a while to influence me. Then came my first year with the 2015 high school softball team.

My parents had put me into softball when I was in elementary school, but at that time it felt required. My family has played it, causing me the pressure that I had to be exceptional. I was a part of with innumerable teams, however none of them were skilled and I hated working out so it had gotten uninteresting
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One of the most exciting tournaments was coming up fast and she was only taking a certain amount of girls so we had to kill it at practice. The day before she announced it and I was going, I was ecstatic. We played a game in Ardmore the day the trip started and on our way to Durant we had a singing battle. We slept in a hotel where we got to bond , even playing a family game night. We lost all our games in the tournament but that was the best trip I have ever had. When we came back I told them they played well and one of the juniors said, "What do you mean we played good, you are apart of this team too". It then hit me , it's not about me , it's about us. These girls have seen me at my lowest and they stayed by me. The rest of the season I cheered the loudest and played my hardest when I got to. They kept me going, I played for my family, my softball …show more content…
I'm at my happiest when I play or practice it, I have improved steadily and last but certainly not my least I met my family. These girls are the best people I have met in my life and they will always put a smile on your face. They have changed me for the better. Scores , rankings, scouting, etc. all that stuff does not matter when you meet a team like this. Everyone is scared of change but if you let that fear take over you will be missing something

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