Personal Narrative-Half-Blood, Full-Love

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Half-Blood, Full-Love Growing up, until about the age of seven, I had two siblings. I had an older brother and an older sister. I was told when I was in the first grade by my parents that they are only my half-siblings. In this case, it meant that my brother and sister have different fathers than me, but we all share the same mother. This continued to be true even after my little sister was born. My parents were divorced and my mom gave birth to my sister with another man other than my father, making her my half-sister. I still love Stacy, Anthony, and Jordon as much as if they were my full siblings. Stacy Celeste Owens was born in the September of 1991. She was just shy of eight years old when I was born. She was inseparable from our brother, …show more content…
He and I were never close, as he was constantly messing around and hanging with my older sister. He was always smart but was always picked on in school. That led to a long string of violent events. He was constantly in the juvenile detention center from ages thirteen to eighteen on and off. He is now twenty-two years old and doing moderately alright. He works as detailing cars for a living. We do not talk often, unfortunately. When I was eight years old, my little sister, Jordon, was born in the May of 2007. She was three months premature and has always been petite for her age. I was in the second grade when my mother gave birth to her, and I was overjoyed over having a baby sister in the house. At first I was scared of her because I thought she was an alien, because of her premature size and appearance. She is a very smart and healthy third grader at Six Mile Elementary School and we get along as well as sisters who do not see each other often do. Even though none of my siblings are my fully biological siblings, we all share a great, strong bond. We will always be there for one another. Though I live with my dad and therefore cannot see them often, I try to keep in touch the best I can. I love them more than anything and I would never trade the for anything in the

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