Personal Narrative Essay: The Story Of Playing Basketball

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Flowing cherry blossom petals are telling the end of spring. I was a middle school student in Japan who did not have any interest in playing sports. It was about lunch time, and everyone was eating lunch. I was eating my lunch and thinking what I am going to do for the rest of the lunch time. After I ate my lunch, I begun to walk around the campus of Oyaba middle school, the school that I spent two years of my precious adolescence, and I saw my friends, Shugo and Takumi, playing basketball at the court. They saw me too, and invited me to play basketball. I was not eager to play, but since I did not have anything else to do, I started to play basketball. It was a cold day for spring in which my life completely changed.
Since we only had three
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I took a shot. The ball made beautiful arch and went into the basket. I yelled “Yeah! I made it.” Shugo and Takumi came to me, and we high-fived. It was just an ordinary shot, however I was so happy that I made the shot. This was the moment that I determined to play basketball. I immediately joined the basketball team in my school. In the team, I was the worst player, and I knew that. I did not think that the player who can barely shoot from free-throw line can play well. Therefore, I kept practicing basketball. I ran a miles to build up physical strength, took couple of hundred shots over and over, and dribbled the ball as fast as possible. Every practice made me exhausted, nevertheless I had never thought I want to quit. I tried to acquire every single skills to get better, even though the practice seemed boring and useless. As a result, I became one of the starters with Shugo and Takumi, which happened a year later from the day I decided to play basketball. I was not sure why the coach choose me for the starter. Perhaps he wanted me to gain some experiences since I did not get much play time, but that was enough for me. When the first time I played a game as a starter, I could not believe that I am actually playing as a starter. I was so excited and could not remember anything when I was on the court. It was so much fun. We won the game, and when we go back to the locker room, Shugo said “I can’t believe we actually played together as the starters.” I responded “People change

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