Personal Narrative Essay: The Incident With Michael And His Wife

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It has been almost one month since that incident with Michael and his wife. It took about three weeks for me to even fill comfortable sleeping in my own home. I became so jumpy and paranoid getting in and out my car until I just had to tell myself, enough is enough. I was no longer going to let some women make me afraid to live in my own home. It’s not like Michael had a key or anything. I stop by the health food store today and picked up some miso paste, portabella mushrooms, spring onions, shrimp, and seaweed to make me one of my favorite soups. This soup is ready to eat in 10 minutes flat. After I ate dinner, showered and now watching TV in my bed it this time when I think about my bait. At least that is what I refer to him as. I …show more content…
It’s hard for me to leave him alone. I know he is not good for me but he is so good to me. He pleased me over and over again as if it has been sometime since he was pleased.
As we laid there and he drifted off to sleep, I turned to my right side looking throw the window at the night sky. I thought about my past. I thought about at a very young age the power of a women when it comes to a man, hell in this world to be honest. I remember when I was only twelve years old and I woke up from a deep sleep when I felt my older brothers friend pulling my night gown up, then placing his hands over my mouth. I screamed when I realized what he was trying to do and he ran before he could go any further. My parents had a fit and reassured me that I did nothing to cause that. That incident alone made me think of what is this thing called a vagina between my legs that have the opposite sex so hooked that it could be taken from someone without their consent or knowledge, depending on the circumstances. When I finally did lose my virginity at the age of 17, I already knew how to make guys melt with my flirtatious attitude. The guy that I did lose my virginity to was 21, with a car and a job.
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I’m gone. What, I said not comprehending what he said? I’m gone babe, I will text you this afternoon. Okay let me walk you to the door. I said as I began to crawl out of bed, no babe, get some rest. He said as he grabbed his keys from off the dresser. Okay babe, have a good day. I said. He laughed, then said. Day it just 1:30 in the morning as he walked down the hall. Here we go again, I thought to myself as I drifted back off to

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