Personal Narrative: The First Day Of Winter Break

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It was a late Thursday afternoon, around 7 p.m. It was the first day of winter break and it was snowing. Two strangers who randomly decided to go to the same coffee shop at the same time meet for the first time. The girl, not really paying attention to the flirting from the boy started to realize his interest when he asked how he could talk to her later. She being the shy soul she was gave him a way to contact her but explained that he doesn’t have to just because they happen to have mutual friends. Continued laughter and conversations happen until the boy and his friend decide they need to head home. With a smile and a farewell, the boy walks out of the coffee shop. Oh but wait, the girl and her friend decide they should also leave. The girl …show more content…
After their proms, it almost felt as if they were already together. About a month later he finally asked her to be his girlfriend. She was so excited because she really liked him. By this time, it was summer. They had both just graduated from high school. Her family was going to stay at a lake house they rent every summer. She was surprised when her mom said he could stay with them. Her mom said it would be a great opportunity for her boyfriend to get to know her dad. After convincing his parents, he was allowed to stay with them. The week was definitely a learning experience for them as a couple. Although it did feel like they had been dating for a couple months already, they hadn’t stayed a week together before. This is when the boy realized he loved her. He accidently told her one night at the lake house, but they both played if off as if it didn’t happen because they feared it was too early to have those feelings. She also felt the same way, but didn’t want to feel embarrassed so she didn’t say anything either. As the summer went on they fell more in love with each other. She realized she had never felt this way about a person in her life. Love was new for her. She thought she had felt it at times, but she realized love is more than anyone can explain. Falling in love is like a rollercoaster. She felt as if she wasn’t good enough for him at times. And, it wasn’t anything he was doing. She just was so insecure. Suddenly

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