Personal Narrative Essay: The Fight That Broke Me?

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The Fight that Broke Me
"Pow!" Knocked out cold! "What an intense fight." No, not that kind of fight but a more internal fight. Kids are injured in fights today more than ever before. Not speaking physically injured but internally and mentally. Over the past several years kids ages 6-18 have been hurt after being in a fight with their best friend or any friend or that matter. "It's okay, you'll make up eventually," they all say. However, here is one fight that still hasn't met its final destination.
It all starts back in early September when I got booted from my original homecoming group which included my best friend, Tori Read. Tori and I have been best friends since about 2nd grade and we've gotten in little fights here and there but we have
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I just have to be back in time for dinner," Ashley replied with a smile growing on her face. "Wait, now that I think about it, my mom mentioned something about inviting you over for dinner. We're having ribs, potato salad, and the absolute BEST watermelon you’ve ever had! It's so juicy and delicious, you'd love it. We've had it for every birthday dinner."
"That sounds great! I'm sure I'm free to come." I answered knowing to go along with the conversation. As she continued walking her dogs and I went back to my porch swing, I received texts from her mom and sister explaining what I would do on the day of the party. Then, I had to do something I know I'd be punished for...
"Hey guys, I'm sorry to do this but I don’t think I can make it to the party anymore." I texted to the group chat for Tori's surprise party. "Something came up and it's at the same time as the party."
"Alyssa, you already said you could come to Tori's." Sarah Kelty replied rapidly.
"I know, I'm sorry but we're doing something for my dad's birthday." I lied. Then, I got a response I didn’t want to receive.
"Is it because you're not in our homecoming group anymore?" Gabby Donatucci responded in the group chat. My heart stopped. I didn't know what to say, so I didn't

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