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Question from Therapist Reasoning for asking the question It would be important for the entire family to come in for therapy. This is because the therapist can systemically ask questions to all family members. The therapist would need to open the counseling session talking about confidentality. The therapist may desire to ask the clients what they would expect from the therapist. Then the therapist would try to ask questions about what the problem is.
“Good Morning. Thank you for coming in today. I understand from the phone conversation that we had yesterday, that you are having some conflict in your family. I appreciate you, Sophia, for calling in. Sophia, let’s begin the session today with what has been going on with the family.” Opening.
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So I hear that Enrique has been withdrawing a bit from the family. I understand that it would be upsetting to you in your family. When did you first begin to notice that he was withdrawing from you and the rest of your family?” In a Narrative perspective, the therapist would begin conceptualizing the problem.
“Enrique, if you were to put a name to what you are experiencing, what would you call the feeling(s) that you are experiencing?” Externalize. This means to separate themselves from the problem.
“Sophia, when you are hearing what has just been said, how do you feel about what your husband has been going through?” “What have you done in the past to attempt to fix this problem?” Getting to know the client. Getting to know what has worked or not worked in the past. This question can also encourage the client to understand the client’s cultural situations.
“This question is for everybody. Can you please tell me about your life in Guatemala?” Enrique and Sophia, what work did you have in Guatemala?” What were your careers in Guatemala? This question encourages the clients to talk about their life in another country. This may encourage tension or hope depending on what their past was like.
“Is the majority of your family still in
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“Children, what happens when you bring up the problem to your parents?”
“Well, I definitely understand how the problem affects your family and those people around you. Is there anything that you would do differently, knowing what has been said this morning by your family members?”
“What are you going to try to do that you did not already do, since you have heard what has been said today?”
“You all talked about so much today. When you go home today, begin to think about some goals that you would like to see for your family. I would like to hear about some goals for every one of the family members. When you come back into therapy, we are going to talk about those goals, and ways that we can begin to see the problem dissipate in your life. Great job today, I look forward to getting more about you and what goals you have for your family. Thank you all for coming

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