Narrative Essay About The Big Move

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The Big Move
As a young kid my main priority was when I could play with my friends next. It was always convenient having friends as neighbors. With only one phone it would be it would be a disaster otherwise. Moving away from my friends often times meant loss of contact. Unfortunately, my family and I moved a lot due to financial issues. When I was much younger my mom would try and tell us that the move was positive transition into a happier life. As I grew older this same motivation was becoming quite repetitive and ineffective. I began to make connections with my previous moves. A note would be on the door labeled eviction notice. I can still clearly recall the look on my school 's teachers face when I asked her what it meant. It is mildly
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From the outside it was an average house. All the siding of the house was fading in colour with some peeling off. There was a seemingly misplaced wooden box next to the door that stretched to the roof. During the warmer months weeds would cover this box in what looked like a floating garden. There was two run down garages that had no doors. Both made of wood and appearing as they may collapse in a blink of an eye. The inside was a horrendous mess. All of the wood flooring and walls in the house was faded, scratched, and cracked. Upon walking in there was an overwhelming smell of mold. When the house was built the plumbing had never been fully perfected. In order to rent the house, the landlord made his best effort at finishing it. But this was to no prevail. Often times many rooms would become flooded with water causing damage, and of course, the smell. There were four bedrooms in the house. Up stairs was the rooms of my mother and father, and also my brothers Matthew and Josiah. The upstairs was the nicest part of the house. This is mainly due to the fact that water leaks downward and not upward. My room as well as my older sister Kelley 's room was in the basement. My room was closer to a large concrete closet. The walls were painted black and the ceiling as well. The stench of mold was even stronger here as it was the lowest part of the house. Despite these negatives, this was my …show more content…
Plentiful sunshine and a nice fall breeze. My siblings and I had been informed we would be going to the cinema later that evening. The cinema was fairly close and Sundays tickets were always less expensive. The movie was an animated sci fi movie called Avatar. I had been begging my mom to see the film since the first time I saw the trailer. Being a violent movie my youngest brother Josiah stayed home with my father. Eagerly, I asked if my best friend Gavin could come in his place, which was followed by a yes. We piled into our maroon Ford Expedition. In order to get to the theater you would turn left from my driveway, instead we turned right. My friend and I stared at eachother puzzled. We arrived at our town 's Walmart. My mother pulled into a spot next to a candy red Dodge SRT 4. The car was so clean I could see myself in its reflection. I was astounded by it. A man was sitting in the car alone. He was a well built and fairly short. Out of his sleeve a large Marine tattoo stretched from his shoulder to his elbow. He looked middle aged as a he had short hair that was partially gray. On his head was a US Marine hat that looked well weathered. My mom looked over smiling at the man as he opened his door and approached the car. “Kids this is ryan” she said in a happy voice. Still confused we greeted him. “Ryan is a friend and will be joining us at the movies tonight” she said. Ryan got in the car without saying very much and we headed towards the

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