Personal Narrative: My Favorite Mistakes

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Joan Collins once said, “Show me a person who has never made a mistake and I’ll show you someone who hasn’t achieved much”. One of my favorite mistakes is the time I started to push away my best friend when both of us knew we needed each other at that time and plainly in general. Before, during and currently I see this situation in many, many ways. When I sit back and observe this situation I notice many opportunities to reword something that I had said or to just plainly not say what I said at all because I did not mean it, it was out of pettiness and frustration.

The events leading up to this overflow of emotions was something no one could predict to happen. I had gotten sick so I had not wanted to go walk around I just wanted to sit down at the lunch tables most of the time. I had noticed that my friend did not enjoy behaving like a sitting duck so things got more and more uncomfortable as each minute stealthily passed. I had no problem of sitting down the whole lunch but I had no intention of making her feel like she was wasting her time. I had noticed that her and I were slowly but surely drifting further and further apart each day. I was being in denial to my own emotions and ignored
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I found the courage and remembered who I was talking to. Not a stranger, not a teacher, not an acquaintance, but my best friend. A person whom I have known since the sixth grade. I grabbed my phone and called her. We spoke for hours on end catching each other up on our lives and opening up again. With blood, sweat, and tears shed we both realized that each of us felt the exact same way. We both had wasted so much of our precious time predicting the worst possible outcome that we did not think about who this person truly is. Reflecting, I wish that I had told her how bad I felt sooner or, just had not gone through the oppressing process that I had chosen to go with in the

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