Personal Narrative: Essay On Going Back To School

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"Wh-" he clears his throat, "what was that for?"
I shrug, "just..wanted it."
His face fills with pink and he stutters out words, "I-I-I..That caught me off guard." He laughs a little, "I like that."
I stare at him.
He notices my face then changes the subject, "that 's why I like gray."
I smile and chuckle.
He pokes my forehead, "you excited about going back to school?"
I nod.
He mocks my nodding, "are you gonna speak any?"
I shake my head.
"I 'm going to do everything that will make you uncomfortable."
I smile, "please don 't."
He pokes my nose, "you should go to sleep. Someone decided to make me skip today, so we have to go tomorrow."
"Can I take a shower?"
"Oh. Okay then." I bury myself in the covers and close my eyes.
Colton flings
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I step out of the shower and wrap myself in the towel then walk back into Coltons bedroom. I look on the bed and Colton is stretched out and watching T.V.
"Ahem," I look at him.
"Can I get dressed?"
"Go ahead."
"Can you leave so I can get dressed?"
He gets up and walks over to me, "I 've already seen everything before from your last accident. But, of course." He kisses my forehead then walks out shutting the door behind him.
I dry off and put on lotion then dig in my trash bag for my pajamas; I put on some panties and a shirt and I keep digging to see if I can find some shorts or pants to avoid the awkwardness, but of course I don 't find anything.
I open the door and walk back into the bathroom to brush my hair and teeth. As I 'm brushing my hair Colton joins me in the bathroom, "I think you lost your pants." He chuckles.
I look at him through the mirror and keep brushing my hair, "have you really seen everything?"
He nods then sits on the toilet lid, "it was the last thing on my mind at the time, so I didn 't stare at anything."
Hearing that makes me feel a little better, but still nasty on the inside. I try to ignore the fact that he has seen me completely naked and brush my
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You stress me."
I look around, "sorry.."
"It 's fine. Hand me that lighter on the nightstand."
I hand him the lime green fire starter and he starts packing weed into the bubbler. I sit on the bed next to him, watching. He turns on this hippie trippy music and starts to light up. I stare at him like this is a once in a lifetime moment.
He looks at me, "what?"
I shake my head, "never really thought you would smoke weed."
He nods, "want some?"
I look at him and his eyes are already starting to get red, it 's kinda scary in a way. I slowly take it away from him and put it up to my lips then light.
"You didn 't have to do it if didn 't want to."
I look at the bubbler, "I wanted to."
"You sure?"
"I guess. I really don 't know what I want anymore."
He takes it from my hand and takes a hit. He holds it in before speaking and when he does the smoke flows out with every word perfectly, "wanna talk about it?"
I shake my head and take a hit.
"Don 't ho-"
"Hold it in, Rydley. Yeah, I know."
"Why do you hold it in?"
I shrug and take another hit before he takes

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