Descriptive Essay About Love

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It’s the beginning of fall here in the Big Apple, a time of year that brings out both senses of calm and crazy. The apartment I share with my boyfriend is dark and cool, the only light is from the moon as it seeps its feathery blue rays through the curtains. My body is cocooned in the warm covers all alone as I try and keep myself warm without the usual body heat my boyfriend provides. I toss and turn before finally settling on a position and letting sleep envelope me.
I don’t know how long I was asleep before I am startled awake when a cold breeze caresses the bare skin of my legs. I jolt awake and prop myself on my elbows as I face the intruder of my pocket of warmth. A tall, dark shadow looms over me and the moon
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He climbs into the bed next to me in his signature white shirt and a pair of black boxers. He scoots as close to me as he can and puts one arm under my neck the other holding snugly to my waist. Sighing deeply, I place my cheek on his chest breathing so I can breathe in his scent, one I have become addicted to, a light hint of Old Spice and a smell that is all his own. I smile at the familiarity and comfort his smell and the warmth of his arms around me brings.
“I love you, Kate.” He whispers as he buries his face in the top of my hair and kisses my head softly.
“I love you, James.” I whisper back and begin to lull back to sleep. I really love you is my last thought before sleep takes me.
I don’t know what woke me up. Maybe it was the AC kicking on. Maybe it was a car alarm going off. Most of all I think the absence of James’s arms from around me and the chill that has come over me is what pulled me from my slumber. I turn over to see James lying beside me and smile as I scoot closer. I watch him for a moment and my breath hitches as I notice something off about him, he is completely still. My body runs cold, I can’t even see where his chest should be rising and falling with each breath. My heart flutters before coming to a dead stop in my
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So much of our lives have changed, while at the same time staying the same in a way that is just us. He has kept his promise to me. He has gone to counseling and has changed some of the things in his life that made him feel the way he did. He sobered up and now he rarely ever drinks, except for his beer on game nights and wine or champagne for special occasions. He stays away from drugs prescribed and over the counter, if he can.
So here I am a year and some later, blessed to still have the man I love in my life. I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost him. He tells me I won’t have to worry about that until we are old and grey. In fact, he was so confident in his promise to never leave me that he married me. I am now dancing with my best friend and the love of my life at our wedding. I never would have imagined this for myself, but somehow, I was lucky enough to spill icee on the right person.
As I look up into the eyes of my handsome husband the familiar feeling he has always given me has taken over, and I finally realize what it is. All this time the way he has made me feel, the night I first met him, the day I realized I loved him, the night I almost lost him, and now the day I got to marry him, he has always made me feel breathless. Shockingly, happily, terrifyingly, blissfully

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