Personal Narrative Essay On Diving Places

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If we know so much about the earth, then why don’t we know much about what’s out there beyond the threshold we call a beach? Diving is a passion my dad wanted me to experience firsthand. I had always been fascinated by the parts of the world that have gone nearly untouched. I’m that one adrenaline junkie that you seem to always seem come across. It was spring break of 2015 when my dad had planned our trip to Bonaire, one of the top diving destinations in the world. I was so excited to go to this place under the surface where I could just stop caring about everything else and just focus on the now.
About a week or two before hand, I had went to prom and couldn’t have asked for a better night, but nothing compared to the journey ahead. I was excited to see my dad, I rarely see him anymore since my parents separated and he took a job out west in New Mexico. So this was not only something we enjoyed but something only we can do together. Nobody else in my family understand the point of it all. With the U.S. population of around 300 million, only about one to three percent of them are certified divers. You see now why I like it so much.
Twenty-four hours before the plane swooped me off
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Diving does get tiring after a while and you’ll want to take breaks often. Something that helped my dad lower his tiredness levels was to breathe Enriched Air Nitrox. At that point I had not learned nor been certified in such a thing. So I took a three hour course to learn what it was about. The difference between the average dive and a nitrox dive is the levels of compressed air inside the tank. I went from breathing 79% nitrogen and 29% oxygen to breathing 68% nitrogen and 32% oxygen. At first it was frightening because it was a new experience for me and would cost me my life if I had made one wrong decision. After days of doing this, I could tell a huge difference as to the amount of energy I had left in a

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