Personal Narrative: My Trip To Yosemite

Essay 1 Rough draft
To begin I was offered to go on a roadtrip with my friend Luke and his dad Tim, also he invited our friend kenny. When he invited me I got really excited because I’ve always imagined how exciting it would be to go to Yosemite. Plus we would get to go backpacking. Now I’ve never really gone camping like in a tent or anything like that, but I figured it would be a lot of fun. Just Getting the opportunity to go out and experience the world away from my home and have a lot of fun was made even better getting to go on a roadtrip to go backpack Yosemite with two buddies and one of their dads. I just knew it was going to be one fun adventure.
Since I had never gone hiking or anything like that I would have to get some supplies. Lucky for me though Luke and his dad had a lot of stuff so I just had to get certain things, like my hiking boots, sleeping mat, hiking pants, things like that. Thankfully Luke was able to help me get just the stuff I needed so I didn’t waste my money on something I didn’t need. Also we had to get order our food since we would be backpacking for four day and 3 nights. Then we had to buy bear boxes to keep our food safe from the bears and other animals that try and take it. Finally, once we got all of our stuff we had to pack everything we would need into our bags, Which was easy for me because I played a lot of tetris as a kid. When the day arrived that we were leaving, we were suppose to
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Which I got fries and a half pound burger with swiss cheese, avocado, lettuce, and pickles. Then for dessert I got a brownie cookie with icecream on it. Of course when we got out we had to go to the park gift shop so I ended up getting my family a t-shirt and my girlfriend one too along with some other stuff. Since we had been camping we stayed in a hotel for the night and then got a good night's

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