Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To Hawaii

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I first went to Hawaii when I was around two years old, so I don’t remember much from it.My parents told me how fun it was and how beautiful Hawaii is and I wanted to go back.Around 10 years later I asked my mom about going and like always she said “I’ll think about it”.Usually “Ill think about” it means yes and I was right,it did.So I went to school and bragged to all my friends like any other kid would do.Then it was the night before I left for Hawaii,i grabbed the biggest suitcase I could find even though my parents wouldn 't like it because it could barely fit in the car,and started packing.I grabbed a bunch of shorts t-shirts and all the flip flops I could find,and a jacket and jeans just in case.
I could not sleep all night, although
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They next morning my mom woke us up and told her we were going to the beach.This time it was a beach I’ve never been to in Hawaii and it was the nicest one i have ever seen.My mom told me we were going to go see her friend and im shy so as soon as I heard that i got sort of scared.It was a long drive on such a small island going through many mountains and taking food breaks until we finally reached it.Once we got there it was on of the best views ever.It was a downhill beach covered by palm trees but you can still see the beach through the trees.We went looking across the beach for my moms friends but couldnt find them,eventually we found some cones and a picnic set up.It was my mothers friends and her family and they had a big family.We hung out all day and talked over eating traditional spam musubi.Then she introduced me to see son who taught my brother and I how to boogie board and it was actually fun.Once we got done with that we were almost ready to leave my my mom told her friend that i wanted to go to school in Hawaii and her friend saiad how good a school it is.After a lot of thinking I decided that is the college I would like to go to and I would like to live in Hawaii too.I love the Hawaiian culture and how nice everyone is

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