My Trip To Arizona Essay

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My trip to Arizona
In the Spanish language Arizona means silver bearing or little spring place. I can understand why it is called little spring place because it has one of the worlds wonders The Grand Canyon. In fact the nickname for the Arizona is the Grand Canyon State. This is my story to the Grand Canyon State.

My day begins as a usual day but it wasn’t a usual day because later on in that same day I would be getting in the car with a crying sister and my other sister would be saying the whole ride are we there yet for 6 hours. But I still had half of a day of school to go through. That day in school we didn’t do much just play games. After that we went to lunch and my parents picked me and we had left from there. We were towing a camping
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A few hours in we drove by this huge hill and my dad said that it used to be a volcano but he also said that we couldn’t stop to check out out because we didn’t have time. We had decided that we were going to say Friday to early Monday morning. After that we had a few hours of just crying baby and switching radio stations to find music to listen to. Then all of a sudden we start to come up on a bridge and my dad said that the water underneath it was the Colorado River. He also said that once we pass the bride we will be in Arizona. As soon as we passed my mom realized that we needed gas so we found a gas station and went inside to use to restroom because we still had a long way to …show more content…
As we arrived we saw this cool spot where you stood on a rock and you could see over the canyon. We took a few pictures then we walked around a little bit. After that we went to the next spot but we had to take a bus because no cars were aloud. At that place you had to take a little hike to the edge of the canyon. So we did but it was a small hike. As we arrived there was this older man walking to so we had asked if he would like some help. He said no thanks because he wanted to do it before he dies. He had also asked us to take a photo for him and we said sure. Then we went to the edge and saw this cool little cave. My dad said it might have been used for mining a long time ago. After that we hiked back down and waited a little bit before the bus came to take us to the next spot. We had decided to skip this spot because we were running out of time and it wasn’t that cool. When we had got to the last stop of the day we realized this place is really cool it had a little stone fire place a little building that you could buy food and snacks in and then we noticed this little path way that said path into canyon and that is a path that my dad, some of his friends and I are going hiking on spring break. We are staying 4 days and 3 nights. I can’t

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