Life After High School Research Paper

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“This will be our last summer before entering hell”, my friend announced in her sincerest voice, and the whole group burst into laughter. As I tried to keep myself off the topic, concentrated in enjoying the fresh breezes of spring and the delicate nutty smell from my coffee cup, I still couldn’t help thinking about my life after high school. My friends were too busy confessing how excited they were for graduation, not aware that my mind had already travelled somewhere else. In another two weeks, my entire four years spent in this place will be packed into tiny boxes, left hidden somewhere in my cramped closet. Thinking about this was somewhat heart-wrenching, although such departure was already planned years ago. It was just a feeling that …show more content…
Unlike the other intangibles, I learned about being selfless while making connections with people and my surroundings. By sacrificing some of my leisure time, I can utilize it to assist the community. In the first semester of my senior year, studying at a school in a middle of a rural area Salinas provides me chances to actively serve my community. In four months straight, instead of watching pointless TV shows and sitting idly in front of my computer screen, I completed 120 hours doing community service. I took on all the available volunteering spot, from picking up garbage on the beach, to helping out in an elementary school. Out of all the activities, being a youth intern and helping organize Ciclovia, an event that promotes the wellness of my community, was the time I enjoyed most. Although it did consume a large portion of my leisure time, attending meetings, talking to sponsors, even having to speak publicly in a radio show, the hard work was eventually paid off when I see how people actually enjoyed the event. My mom merrily joked that she hardly see me during weekends, due to the fact that I was always out. However, it was well spent because I started to understand the meaning of devotion, the meaning of being

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