Personal Narrative Essay: My Last Day Of Work

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t was my last day of work at the Play Cafe, I woke up in the best mood, knowning this decision I was moving forward and bettering my future. Lauren, my manager, walked into work in a bad mood, for her she was losing her assistant manager. That night the play area was going to be open late for my going away party. It was also the day my younger sister, Courtney, was going back to college for her junior year in North Carolina. Which meant most of my family member 's were going with her to help her move into her new apartment. As a twenty two year old, being home alone was relaxing and I could not wait for work to be over.
The day went on as usual at work, making coffee and playing with kids. Around five o’clock my sister, Courtney, came
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I was so thankful for the two years I had worked there and all I had learned. That night we laughed, joked about the mom’s and sang karaoke, it seemed like the perfect last day.
It was seven o’clock, all of my favorite customers has stopped by to wish me well. AT that point I checked my phone again, my mom had called, I missed it only by three minutes. I thought there has to be something they forgot and have to turn around. I do not usually use my phone while at work but at this moment, I did. “Shannon, Dad is having a heart attack” and the call failed. I immediately dropped to the floor crying, and not knowing anything. Lauren and my boss were so confused, they hugged me while I sobbed and told them what I knew.
My first reaction was to call my sister Courtney, she explained that he was having symptoms in the car so they stopped, and at that point during the drive the hospital in Delaware was only five minutes away. His widow maker is 99% blocked, and that was all she knew. I contacted my boyfriend, Corbin, but his phone was dead. I told my boss I would stay and help close up, she told me to go
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Do I drive to the hospital? Will my car even make it with the condition it is in? The only person I had around was my best friend, Brittany, so I sent her a text message “hey are you around tonight, is it okay if I come over, my dad has a heart attack, and Corbin has not answered so can I come hang out. No one else is home.” She of course said yes, and left work and walked to her house. On the way, Corbin called and he said he would be at my house in twenty minutes.
I get to Brittany’s house and everyone is all happy and cheerful, I was so confused did Brittany not tell them what had happened? We sat there for ten minutes talking about life, and I finally said something about my dad. They had no idea, Brittany read right over that part in my message. Corbin showed up at that point and the drive to Delaware began.
In the car ride my mom called to say that they put a stint in, and the artery opened up 100%, I was so relieved but so mad. My father is only forty-one, a smoker, hard worker and the best father a girl could ask for, why would he let himself get this

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