Personal Narrative: My First Stitch

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My First Stitch
A milestone is an important event that has changed your pathway to life, and this incident is one that changed mine. Sometimes horrible things can have an excellent result, at the time this happened, I was terrified, but about a month after that I was beyond happy. Looking back, if that accident didn’t occur I probably would have never started dance which plays a huge part in my personal development. I went from a happy 5 year old dancing to crying on the ground and this is how.
“ Mom, turn on the music, turn on the music,” I begged while jumping up and down.
“Ok, I’ll turn on the music Makaela,” my mother agreed.
“ Yay!” I exclaimed. My mom turned on the Wiggles and I stared at the TV while dancing hipperly.
“ Mom’s going to get the dry clothes to fold, I’ll be right back ok,” she informed me. I remember being so excited, dancing around the living room without a care in the world. I stopped for a minute to look around the room, why because I was a curious five year old, why not? So there I was searching for anything, then I spotted it, a stage, l wanted a stage! A small glass table should be fine, I thought. Wrong! While walking over the table it didn’t cross my mind once to stop and really think about what I was doing.
“ I’m almost done Makaela, is everything ok?” mom asked from the laundry room.
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Somehow, even though I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong, I knew she would be mad about it. While climbing over the table I noticed that it was a light orange glass. It was shaped in a perfect circle, which I loved since shapes are the number 1 thing as a five year old. Once I was on, I felt amazing, like a ruler of the world. Again, I started dancing, and for some reason I will never understand, I thought it would be a great idea to jump as high and hard as I could for as many times as I would like. I assume I was on my 6th jump when as soon as I hit the glass it shattered from underneath

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