Descriptive Essay : ' Hannah Wake Up '

1203 Words Jan 28th, 2016 null Page
“ Hannah wake up, wake up.” My mom said as she was shaking the life out of me.
“What? Why did you wake me up?” I asked as I was yawning.
“The airplane is landing put your seat up,” she told me.
I rushed to turn around and open the window. This had always been my favorite moment, on each and every flight, especially on the way to Israel. I looked down, we were at that moment where you are about to land so you can see the cars and the streets, not just farms and land. You can see highway buildings, and even people.
It all feels so real. I felt the butterflies fluttering in my stomach, I couldn 't keep still.
“BONKCUSH” The wheels came out. I felt the sides tilting up and down. I could feel myself hopping up and down in my seat. I loved this feeling of hovering. “CUCHUNCK” The wheels landed I felt the bump. I grabbed my sister and peeled her phone out of her fingers. She finally took a break from her phone looked up and saw that we had landed. I could tell all she was thinking about was getting to a power outlet to charge her phone.
A rush came over me --- I was finally here. Now it was just a matter of time before I saw my Grandpa’s, Grandma’s, Cousins, Uncles, and Aunts. As usual, we were in the back of the plane (Those tickets are always the cheapest. If we went in first class on every flight we would probably be bankrupt by now.) But personally I hated waiting this was a waste of time that I could be spending with my grandpa. My grandpa was my idol, I loved him so…

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