Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience On The Lake

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There is nothing more peaceful than being on a lake. It is a tradition in my family to spend summers at the lake house. My aunt and uncle had this awesome lake house that was actually on and island and you had to take a short boat ride to access it. Being on the lake, water skiing was a popular activity. Everyone in the family did it, cousins, aunts, uncles, even my grandfather! For several summers I had tried to water ski, but I could never get the hang of it. The appeal of knowing how to lured me in to learn. It was a big deal for me that I could water ski. I had tried and tried, but a would always fail miserable. So in the summer of 08’ I was determined to do it. The whole family was getting to together for a big cookout and day on the lake. …show more content…
It was awesome. We took a break for lunch, the classic hamburgers and hot dogs. While we were sitting at the picnic table my uncle asked me if I wanted to try next. I was hesitant because the last few times I had attempted, it was a big mess and tons of water went up my nose. I would have to wear those stupid small skies that were tied together because everyone thought it would help you get used to wearing the skies. In all, they were really just uncomfortable. But in the midst of me objecting, my mom and aunt convinced me to try again. Finally, I just decide to go for it, it was the end of the day so the sun was going down and the water was calm. I changed into my bathing suit, went down to the dock, and put on the wet, mildew life jacket. Since I had grow since the last time I attempted to ski, they allowed me to wear the bigger skies. So now the skies would not be tied together. My uncle gave me the classic speech about what to do, “wait for the boat to pull you, bend your knees, don’t rush.” So, trying to remember all the tips my uncle gave me I jumped into the water, slipped on the skies and swim out to the …show more content…
They tossed the rope to me and I gave it some slack. I gave them the thumbs up; the sign I was ready to go. I heard the boat shift into gear and it started to pull me. I was just about up and boom. Face plant. The unpleasant feeling of water up my nose was just a lovely reminder of how hard I tried last year and didn’t make it up. The boat drove back around, tossed me the rope, and it was time try again. I took a minute. I thought about how much I wanted to make it and how awesome it would be. I could hear my family members on the deck cheering for me. I took a deep breath and gave them the thumbs up. This was it. It was now or never, mainly because I couldn’t deal with getting any more water up my nose. I heard the boat shift. Then it started to pull me, in the back of my head I was remembering what my uncle said, don’t rush it. I kept the rope tight in my hands and just waited, I was starting to rise out of the water, I bent my knees just the slightest. Then all of a sudden I was up. I did it!! I made it up. I was grinning from ear to ear. I could hear my family cheering in the background, GO ASHLEY GO! We went around the lake once and by the time we made it back to where it was time to let go I was

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