How To Write A Narrative Essay

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I first met you in grade 9 French class. I still remember sitting one row behind you. The first interaction we had was probably when we were doing a French activity where we were supposed to meet someone and find out more about them. I was using a pen at the time and somehow managed to spell your name wrong, so I crossed it out, scribbling messily around my paper. As time passed, I was miserably failing my tests, while you were pretty much getting perfect on each one. I aspired to be like you from the very beginning. One day, you took a bunch of selfies which I then sent back to you, to which you told me they were “birthday presents”. We had our first real conversation later, when I was really emotionless at the time, to which you made that hilarious comic strip featuring me getting hit by an object and walking away.
I later learned that you were someone who really, REALLY, liked food, especially cookies. Being the selfie goddess, you kept on taking amazing selfies on my phone, and I started hanging out in the public library alone after school. I wondered what clubs you’d joined, but was surprised that you hadn’t joined any sports teams. You told me that you sucked at sports, but I still really encouraged you to do
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After first semester, I honestly missed you a lot. We had no classes together anymore, we started seeing each other less and less, and you eventually started ignoring me a lot in the halls. We barely talked, and slowly our conversations faded away to nothing. You made a lot of new friends, and so did I. At the end of the school year, we didn’t even bother taking the time to properly say goodbye to each other. However, it was during this time that I was able to reflect upon myself and the mistakes that I’ve made throughout high school. Being alone all the time taught me to become more independent and hardworking, which made me even more quiet and introverted than I already

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